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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know if I  my child needs a private tutor?

Often the obvious sign of a struggling student is a report card.   However, there are  times the signs are not so clear...a student who suddenly does not want to go to school, spends more and more  time trying to finish homework, or who says the teacher picks on him / her or doesn't like him / her...all are subtle signs that intervention is needed. 

Some children may need specific skills taught within a subject area, while others may need help with organization and the completion of homework.

How do I find the right tutor for my child's current individual needs?

Academic Advantage tutors are selected not only for their experience, but also for their dedication to helping children succeed. In our database, we have both male and female tutors, all holding a minimum of an 'A' Levels qualifications right up to PHD holders from accredited universities.   You will be given  a personal bio about each recommended tutor by our representatives and then select a match for your child's specific skill level and most effective learning style. As your child's needs change, you will always have at your disposal our professional services to provide you  the right tutor.

Are there any long-term commitments or high initial costs to private tutoring?

Our clients select their recommended  tutors and the length of service, thus only paying for what is needed. Although we recommend at least a minimum of 4 tutoring sessions for the student and tutor to get comfortable with each other enough to discuss the problem areas and  set realistic goals to tackle these areas effectively, it is entirely the client's decision to the length of service.

Can I replace the tutor I have selected?

Academic Advantage will promptly replace your tutor at no cost to you, if at any point in time you feel not satisfied with a tutor.

How do you charge for a tutor?

Academic Advantage does not charge you anything.  Our tutoring service is FREE to you.  We charge our tutors a fee for securing them the assignments.  This is how we cover our staff, communication, advertising and overhead costs.

Is your service in securing my tutor really free?

Customers do not have to pay any charges. We will collect the payment directly from our customers two weeks after the first tuition lesson starts.

How do I make payments?

Academic Advantage will collect half of the first month’s tuition fee as commission. Arrangements will be made by our representatives for our despatches to collect payment when payment is due and issue you a receipt from Academic Advantage. The tutor is not allowed to collect on our behalf.

What is a typical tutoring session like?

Our tutors all travel to the location of your choice (i.e. your home, school, or office) for one-on-one personalised instruction. Session times are up to you. You only pay for the tutoring sessions you given.  Parents should always feel comfortable communicating directly with our tutors. 

A typical session could be last one and a half hours(1 hrs x 2 session a week) or two hours(2 hrs x 1 session a week).  Longer hours may not be productive as fatigue may set in and concentration wanes.

If I engage a tutor to teach more subjects do I incur higher costs for each subject added?

Our tutors charge for their time NOT the number of subjects they teach.  As long as they are qualified and competent to teach the added subject, we feel it is the client's choice to ask the tutor to do so.  It is advised that more time be spent on the weaker subject, if the student is strong in a particular subject there may be no need to have it utilise the tutoring time.  This would allow the student to improve on the weaker subjects within the given tutoring time.

How do I know my tutor is qualified?

At Academic Advantage,  we have always insisted that our clients view our tutors' certificates together with their identity cards to ensure they are qualified before starting their tutoring sessions.  We remind our tutors to bring their original certificates and identity cards on the first day of their assignments.  

What if my tutor is reluctant to produce the relevant certificates?

All Academic Advantage tutors are obliged to produce their original certificates when requested by clients.  You are to contact our representatives,  if you have encountered reluctance to do so by any of our tutors.  We take a very serious view on this matter.  

We pride ourselves in reassuring our clients that they always getting the best tutor for their given budget and that they are always getting what they pay for.

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