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Singapore School Term & Holidays
- Calendar for school terms, public holidays and school holidays.

Singapore Schools Info
- Ministry of Education's one stop service on information on Singapore schools.

Ministry Of Education, Singapore

- Directs the formulation & implementation of education policies in Singapore.

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Advantages of Home Tutoring

Thinking about home tutoring for your child? 
You are not alone. There are many people that use this method to get their child back on track or simply to better their grades.

Home tutoring also allows for you, the parent, to take a step back. In many cases, a child will simply be reluctant to work with a parent to improve their school work. The second that a tutor comes into the picture the student are much more willing to cooperate.

Assessment Papers

We are in the process of producing assessment papers for subjects at primary levels and hope to extend this service to all clients.  If it proves popular we will encompass assessment papers for higher levels.

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